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Author Topic: D.org Universal Content Clarification & Guidelines  (Read 2502 times)

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D.org Universal Content Clarification & Guidelines
« on: October 20, 2016, 03:35:31 AM »

With the latest revision of the user agreement, the old guidelines post has been archived until a new guideline is written. 

This is the new user agreement:  https://www.draconity.org/index.php/topic,10338.0.html

Below is the old version of the guidlines following the old user agreement:
Hidden  :
Chances are good that Draconity.org is a community unlike most others you've been to.  We've used "loose moderation" tactics for well over a decade and are proud in how the members in our community have grown because of it.  The only hard-set rules we have are what you should have read in the User Agreement (no, really, if you skipped it you should go back and read it now).  As you can tell, it's pretty short, generalized, and kinda open-ended.  This is the only document where you'll find our official rules, and anything else you see (including this topic) are simply guidelines.  Even though the user agreement is part of the website, it applies to all official features of the community (including Discord Chat), whether you've registered an account on the website or not.

I don't like quoting the User Agreement, as it may change without updating this topic, but let's take a look anyway.  As of April 2nd, 2018, the user agreement has this paragraph:
Any member who proves themselves to be detrimental to the community health will be given an initial warning.  Further warnings and additional action will be taken on a case-by-case basis by the administration.  If the problem persists a subsequent ban will be implemented.  The length of the ban will be determined by the severity of the problem(s).

You are solely responsible for the content of your contributions - our moderation is loose and as such we are not responsible for what other users post on the site.  If something is against the law then it will be removed.  However, if something is legal but you find it offensive, we do not have rules in place to remove such material.  The site is constantly changing though and we listen to our users, if everyone on the site wanted something to happen then it more than likely will - as has been the case in the past.

You are also responsible for what areas of the site you access.  If you enter a section with heated content and then get your feelings hurt, it is not the responsibility of the forum staff to "Mother" you - use your common sense.   Participation in any topic is completely voluntary.  However, we will not tolerate cyber-bullying and will act accordingly with the laws currently in place if any such activity occurs - this includes, but is not limited to, threats of any kind, harassment outside of voluntary conversation and targeting specific members outside of context.

Aside from the obvious violations of the user agreement, this is it.  This is what we've banned people over (but don't worry, only a handful have been given over our forum's lifetime - significantly fewer than any other community I've seen).  It's obviously very open, but that's how we want it.  It's saying we'll deal with things on a case-by-case basis, and it gives both you and us flexibility.  There's no rules we have to allow bending in order to let a member make a point.  And there's no loopholes or grey areas in which we couldn't ban someone who is actually doing harm to the community.  So long as all the content you post on Draconity.org is legal, we'll work with ya. 

That being said, you're probably not going to get in trouble over swearing.  You're probably not going to be chased off for expressing your opinion.  Chances are good you can talk shit about the staff and directly to our faces, and you wont be officially reprimanded for it.  You can even go so far as to call another member a fucking retard and not be banned, so long as it doesn't cross the harassment threshold.  Now, just because there's no rules against these things, doesn't mean you won't face a giant reaction from the rest of our community.  So, be prepared for that, should you cross that bridge...

Rather than prohibit any kind of legal content, we try to organize it, for the sake of community health.  Drama and heated arguments will be moved to Heated when possible, so those who do not wish to see or participate can skip over it easier.  Sexual or extremely private discussions are welcome in the Private Health opt-in forum for all ages to participate, so long as it's legal.  If it's not legal for those under a certain age, that's where the R-Rated forum comes in handy - where nudity and explicit sexual detail are allowed.  If you want to say something, we try to give you a facility to say it in!

So here's some things you can do here:
  • Cuss anywhere.  Say whatever the fuck you want, wherever the fuck you want.  But if you find you're starting to swear (or wanting to swear) at a person, don't be surprised if your conversation is moved to the Heated section if possible.  If it's not possible, well... continue on, but be mindful that some members may not want to see it (but there's someone wrong on the Internet and that has priority, am I right?!)
  • It's OK to say penis.  And vagina.  Let the giggles ensue.  If you wanna demean your character with an innuendo or quick lewd comment, it's pretty much OK anywhere in the community.  But, if you want to talk about your penis, then practice a bit of modesty and do so in the Private Health forum please (or we'll move it there anyway and give you funny looks). 
  • If you want to show your penis, well...  That's illegal in public.  Not only is it illegal or inappropriate in most areas, but there's kids around dude.  But, there are certain places and criteria where this kind of stuff is allowed, and it's called the R-Rated section.  We have to verify your of age as per legal requirements, but beyond that, have at it buddy.  You wierdo...
Things that will get you kicked off this forum quicker than your head can spin (and maybe even alerted to the authorities depending on the offense):
  • Doing illegal things. 
  • Admitting to illegal things.  Some of us have made mistakes, sure, but we're not harboring any criminals here.  Drug use is the one that's had to most close calls - safest to just not talk about it.
  • Member harassment.  Like repeatedly trolling or spamming or attacking a particular member.  If someone's an idiot, let them know they're an idiot, but don't go out of your way to make their life harder than it already is.
  • Spambots/data mining/multiple account abuse/ban evasion.  Does this really need to be elaborated on?  No.

Obviously, neither of those lists are all-inclusive.  They're just some examples.  Ultimately, the biggest gauge of what you should and shouldn't be doing is how others will see you.  Shame is a mechanism social creatures use, and if you're not a good fit for our society, that'd be your first clue that you're doing something wrong.  Your mommy should've taught you how to be compatible with other people, but if she didn't, then we'll probably work with ya till you fit the bill :)  Don't be surprised if your feelings get hurt somewhere in the process though, because after all, we're not your mommy.  But, for the vast majority of us, shame is never even a necessary part.  We're all obviously pretty open-minded here, and even though some places can get quite heated, we make it as easy as possible to avoid them.

The overall aim of this guideline isn't just to show you what you can do and where, but to encourage you to do so!  Think of Draconity.org like a public park - you're still in public, but feel free to let loose and just be with friends!  There's large community areas for competitive sports, and small tables for small-talk.  There's even an adults-only bar, where drinks are free!  And while we can't permit any illegal activity in this park, it's sure is a lot safer and shame-free than your parent's house or the office!  So let loose and relax, my dragony friends!  Be who you want to be, even if you're not sure who that is yet!

Welcome to Draconity.org :)

tl;dr: you really should read it.  But... in short: speak your mind.  We're not here to protect anyone from hurt feelings, but we will do our best to make sure everyone has a good time.
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